Target Practice BOOK -- DISCOUNTED OFFER WITH PURCHASE from our partners

Target Practice BOOK -- DISCOUNTED OFFER WITH PURCHASE from our partners


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More than 180 pages, written specifically for coaches and parents in minor hockey

Look at what others are saying:

Colin Hopper, President Source For Sports London, Former President Sports Distributors Canada
I have never before seen information for coaches that is so useful, easily digestible, quick to read and easy to implement. Hockey coaches and parents everywhere will be thrilled with the content of this book!

John Garrett - Former NHL Goaltender, Hockey Night In Canada Broadcaster
Goaltending is at the bottom of the list for many coaches, it’s pretty hard to maintain your sanity with some of the practices. Not many coaches have played the position and if you haven’t it’s pretty hard to understand what the goalies need.

Rick Heinz - Former NHL Goaltender
Chris provides what is missing from coaching programs and this is why this book is so important.

Wayne Maxner: - Former NHL Head Coach & Player
All coaches should be able to properly handle their goaltenders and communicate with them, they are really, the most important people in the rink

Mike Stubbs, Professional Broadcaster & Radio Personality
Getting the essential core goaltending skills into the hands of grass roots coaches is perfect, it needs to happen. It is a discipline unlike any other.

Greg Matthison - Owner London SportsXpress Magazine
Its hard enough trying to develop the fundamentals as a positional player, I cannot imagine trying to develop a goaltender without specific knowledge of the position.

Jim Ralph - Longtime Toronto Maple Leaf broadcaster, entertainer & media personality
The game has dramatically changed, but one thing that hasn’t is the core fundamentals of goaltending, they are still balance, edge transfers and squaring up. Coaches at every level must be able to understand and teach this.

Don Straus - Founder Armadilla Masks, World Renowned Artist
Finally! Chris Dyson answered the questions no-one knew how to ask. After 25+ years involved in the industry, It’s great to see this grass roots level support and guidance for the most highly criticized, under- developed position in the game.

Mike Vaughn - CEO of Vaughn Hockey
The execution of drills is done so poorly. - practice is about repetition, but correct repetition,, they must be done right or it creates bad habits. even a coach who knows nothing about goaltending can help his goaltender and his entire team

Joni Hallikainen, Former Pro Goaltender, Professional Goaltending Consultant
If the advice contained in Chris‘ book is made mandatory learning for minor hockey coaches, it will positively change the face of goaltending in North America.

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