Essentials Goaltending School

Essentials Goaltending School


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Every goalie needs this program. 18 hours of ice time over 5 days, instructors from around the globe and an amazing itinerary.

The name says it all, but don't be fooled. This program is geared to be demanding and fast paced enough for all levels and ages. We make sure no one is bored at our schools, so everyone will be challenged. The experience of our staff gives us a huge advantage over most other schools by allowing us to gear the drills to the students abilities.

Every goaltender at even the highest level and of all ages requires the 'essentials' of the position. Goaltenders from AAA to House League benefit and enjoy this program and it has been our most attended school since we started operating in 1988. This program is now one of the longest running goalie schools IN THE WORLD!

This fast paced program course covers all the fundamentals and many advanced techniques. Students will benefit from the on ice sessions, classroom discussions in addition to an excellent dryland preparation program, including many innovative and enjoyable drills.

Although not as demanding as our 'Intensity' (London only) course, this program is beneficial to all ages, as a pre season launch for the upcoming season. Students of this program need only have the desire to improve and a strong work ethic. Students wanting more personal instruction may consider adding the 'Personal Guru' (London only) program to this school to complete the experience.

Students who want more of a challenge, but aren't prepared or ready for the Intensity program should seriously consider the Intensity Prep (IP) (London only) program. This course takes the Essentials and 'cranks it up' near the Intensity level, but with more basic drills. Combine this with your own Intensity instructor who will stay with your group for the entire week, lowering the student to instructor ratio and you have a very demanding program suitable for any level or aged goaltender.


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