Coaching: 5 Questions or Mediation

Coaching: 5 Questions or Mediation


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Advice, Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Disputes happen everyday, some are easily solved, some end up in World Wars

We all know that disputes and conflicts arise. Some are easily resolved, some aren't, some should be, but for one reason or another, the parties cannot some to agreement. Very often it is the simplest of matters that can't be resolved. Many times the reasons are sound; one person has a valid point and is standing on principle or both parties may in fact be correct. These are tough situations to deal with and sometimes impossible to resolve without outside intervention.

Even harder to deal with are situations when one person is spiteful, manipulative or simply too damn stubborn to find or agree to a resolution. In these types of circumstances, it is almost impossible to find a solution that is agreeable to both sides. Many times these matters can drag on for weeks, months and even years. This expends an awful lot of unnecessary energy, often causes a lot of hurt to many otherwise uninvolved people and in the worst cases can tear apart families, kids and lifelong relationships. In addition, the monetary costs can bankrupt those involved. These are life altering situations that can be avoided.

Let me say that I am not a lawyer, nor am I legally trained in the laws regarding mediation or dispute resolution. What I AM, is very in tune with people, their needs, wants and determining what is fair for all those involved. Years of training and experience has fostered a keen sense of how to fairly mediate and resolve situations of all magnitudes. I will take the time to listen and fully understand both sides of any situation and only then can I recommend a course of action.

I have successfully mediated and resolved hundreds of disputes. These would range from the simplest situation, such as; A child wants to go out till 3:00 AM and the parent wants curfew to be 11:00 PM, to much more complex business deals that might require months of investigation.

The key to every successful resolution is that I take the time to understand everyone's reasons, beliefs, needs and opinions and only then do I make an unbiased recommendation that is solely based on getting each side as close to what they want as possible. Provided it is reasonable, moral, ethical and fair to both parties. Although each side may not get exactly what they wanted, my suggestions are usually fair, reasonable and palatable to everyone. It is this approach that has resulted in many satisfied clients.