Life Coaching: Mediation Additional Time

Life Coaching: Mediation Additional Time


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In a simple Mediation situation, you will be charged based on the amount of time it takes for me to garner enough information to render a recommendation in the dispute.

You will send me a detailed email with your question and background information. For simple situations this will usually take about 15 to 45 minutes to analyze and discuss.

In more complex situations such as a contract negotiation or separation settlements; fees are based on hourly work or on a contract basis. Each case is priced individually and at an agreed on rate. Please contact me directly for more complex cases.

I am usually able to render a suggestion for the resolution and a complete explanation in under an hour for most simple (1 topic) conflicts between 2 parties. if you agree to let me help you resolve your dispute I will charge your credit card appropriately for the time used, but i will keep you informed as we move forward, as to how much time has been involved. You may at any point ask that we stop the process and you will not be charged for any further work. lients.